Our History

The Louisville Employee Benefits Council (LEBC) was organized in 1959 as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among professionals in the field of employee benefits. Lee Steiden and Doug Stegner, the founders of the organization, organized monthly luncheon meetings at the Old House Restaurant. During the 1960s, LEBC formalized its organization structure, meeting format and bylaws. This is the same structure in which we operate today. In addition, to facilitate a budget process, annual dues were collected.

Following the passage of ERISA in 1974, LEBC experienced growth in membership and programming. Not only did the number of traditional members grow, the group became more diversified with the addition of several corporate benefits managers during the mid-70s. LEBC also began sponsoring an annual employee benefits seminar often in conjunction with other organizations.

In 1996, to keep pace with the changing needs of the membership, the LEBC adopted a Sub-Council Program. LEBC members, only a voluntary and rotating basis, bring one or more topics (within the topic area of that Sub-Council) for discussion, and facilitate that meetings’ discussion. Sub-Coucils provide a forum in which to share ideas and informally ask questions on topics of interest.

The LEBC has become a visible and viable force within the local and national employee benefits communities and is able to attract speakers of national note and support their appearance with often two-thirds of membership in attendance.

As far as we know, the LEBC is the oldest formally organized employee benefits council in the country. Its traditions are well established and have provided the patterns for sustained and substantial growth. We are confident those same traditions of professionalism will carry and guide the LEBC to even greater accomplishments in the years ahead.

Our Purpose

LEBC is a non-profit corporation designed to educate and inform its membership on employee benefit related matters. We do not engage in lobbying efforts, however, we do communicate our views on employee benefits issues to the appropriate elected officials.

LEBC has become a visible and viable member of the local and national employee benefit communities. Our reputation attracts nationally noted speakers and our membership supports their appearances with consistently high levels of attendance.

Our Policy

LEBC has a strict non-solicitation policy. Membership in the council may not be used for the purpose of soliciting business. No member of the council may use membership in LEBC in any form of advertisement for solicitation of business.

Our 2018 Committees

Executive Committee Members

Jonathan Butcher Email President
Vice President:
Jason Heine Email Vice President
Stacey Huse Email Secretary
Cristina Trask Email Treasurer
Wes Wickenheiser Email Membership
Sub-Council Coordinator:
Kristin Dunlevy  Email Subcouncil
Immediate Past President:
Kim Judy Email Past President

Program Committee Members

2018 Chair:
Jason Heine Email Program Committee
2018 Members
Mindy Heck
Donna Wimbec

Jennifer Kaelin

Kellie Money