Welcome to Louisville Employee Benefits Council

The Louisville Employee Benefits Council (LEBC) is a unique professional organization comprised of members from many disciplines of the employee benefits community. Currently our Membership consists of plan sponsors, legal members (attorney and paralegal), consultants, insurance agents, trust employees investment advisors, plan administrators, accountants, actuaries and life members.

The LEBC was established in 1959 to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among employee benefit professionals. Additionally, the LEBC provides an excellent networking opportunity before and after each of our meetings and at our annual Day at the Downs.

The tremendous support of the membership as well as the time and talent devoted by our Program and Executive Committees enable the LEBC to secure both local and nationally renowned speakers for our monthly meetings and sub council luncheons. These speakers typically provide an opportunity to receive continuing education credits.

If you are visiting our site, we would like to welcome you to join our organization. To be considered for an LEBC Membership, prospective members should be professionals working substantially (at least 30 percent of the time) in the field of employee benefits. An application for membership is available on this site (to the right of this letter).

The Council’s long-term success is attributed to the continual commitment of the members. The Executive Committee welcomes and encourages your comments and participation. Our hope is that you will attend as many events as possible and become actively involved in the Louisville Employee Benefits Council.